Development of Radio – Television Broadcasting Network in Azerbaijan in the period of Independence

Development of Radio – Television broadcasting network in our Republic held in a glorious way. During 20th years of the last century, among the first in the former Soviet Union began to apply Radio communication and radio broadcasting, with help of national specialists laid down the foundation of Television Broadcasting Network in the middle of the 50th. When Heydar Aliyev came to power in Azerbaijan, 1969, expansion of Radio – Television broadcasting network got wide range. As a result of selfless efforts of specialists of Republic Television Centre and Radio Centre operating separately owing to direct care of leadership, provided broadcasting of several radio and television programs in populated areas living 90-95% population of Republic in the 80th years of last century. Since 1988, events in the direction of the collapse of the former Soviet Union unfortunately stopped the development of radio and television broadcasting network and the network led to the decline and partly collapse. Allocation of Radio Televison Broadcasting network from centralized network of the former Soviet Unions, suspension of recession began taking actions for independence development of network with Azerbaijan’s regaining its independence, but these works continued with very slow at that time.  As result of getting old of radio and television transmitters, the majority of lamp transmitters, difficulties in obtaining spare parts with the collapse of the economic relations, as well as Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Naghorno Karabakh, becoming lower quality and scope of broadcasting in the several regions of Republc, even caused stopping of broadcasting in Nakhcivan AR and in a number of regions. After Heydar Aliyev came to power at the second time in 1993, gave an impetus taking restoration and development measures in radio-television broadcasting network as other fields. Restoration of technical parameters of equipments by Teleradio PU created in the basis of Radio Centre and Republic Television Transmission Centre is under of the former Ministry of Communication, changing of equipments produced by Russian and Czech to gradually more modern equipments produced by Europe countries were held. Broadcasting of TRT TV program, later TGRT program of Turkey organized since 1992-1993 in Republic. Private TV channels as ANS, BMTİ, as well as the second channel AzTV2 of National Television began their activity.  As result of direct care of leadership of country, realization of purposeful measures on development of Radio-TV broadcasting was begun namely this period.  Azerbaijan Television began broadcasting from Turksat satellite in digital mode for the first time by installation terristral satellite station in New TV tower in Baku, 1996 and it created opportunity for individual reception of national television not only in our Republic, but also in Turkey, Caucases, Middle Asia and Near East. The construction of the Baku city started in 1981, but later discontinued a unique object’s commissioning in New TV Tower complex, increased quality and quantity of broadcasted programs in Baku.  By transition to desimetr band in the network of Republic, several transmitters put into operation. Along with traditionally long, middle and short waves of radio programs in Baku city, 1997, broadcasting of FM band organized in Azerbaiajn for the first time. Alongwith public radio-TV programs in 1997-2000, as private ANS, SPAC TV, LIDER TV channels, as well as NTV, STV, channel D TV programs of Turkey, France Radio, Radio Rossiya, Burc FM radio programs organized. Reconstruction and expansion works of radio – television broadcasting network were continued by specialists of Teleradio PU in 1998-2005. 1998-2005-ci illərdə “Teleradio” İB-nin mütəxəssisləri tərəfindən mövcud radio-televiziya yayım şəbəkəsinin rekonstruksiyası və genişləndirilməsi işləri davam etdirilmişdir. Outdated 5 kvt power TV transmitters broadcasting AzTV program replaced with more modern transistor desimetr TV transmitters. Out of exploitation of lamp transmitters by installing modern TV transmitters with medium power more than 30; for broadcasting of AzTV program in populated area no existing TV reception put into operation.Television retranslators working with ether reception was held completely from Satellite to reception.20 pieces different power (250 vt, 1,5 kvt) FM transmitters for broadcasting of “Respublika” and “Araz” Radio programs in the regions put into operation in radio-TV stations belonging to Teleradio PU. More than 300 satellite reception stations for receiving of AzTV, “Respublika” and “Araz” radio programs put into operation in R/TV stations. Fiber optic radio – TV transmitter line with 2,5 km distance between “Teleradio” Broadcasting Company and New TV Tower put into opration by applying transmitting by means of fiber-optic cable of radio-TV programs for the first time in 2003.

Terristrial TV transmitter satellite station working in SESAT 36 degree to provide broadcasting of AzTV programs from satellite to Europe put into operation in New TV Tower and organized broadcasting of AzTV program from alternative satellite.

Unique antenna system with 20 kVt power in the height of 310m of New TV Tower to improve broadcasting quality of AzTV1 and AzTV2 programs in Baku and Absheron peninsula put into operation.

In 2004, for the first time provided stereo broadcasting by transmitting “Respublika” and Araz” programs from satellite in the regions and applied RDS system.

The worthy successor of national leader Heydar Aliyev, mr Ilham Aliyev was elected as a president 2003, as well as creating the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies with his degree and after honorable Ali Abbasov appointed to the post of minister created a basis for application more intensive development and more modern technologies of radio – television broadcasting network in Azerbaijan.

Test broadcasting of digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T) in Caucasian and Middle Asia for the first time started by specialists of Teleradio PU as result of direct task of distinguished Minister.

Digital TV transmitter with 300 Vt put into operation and at the same time organized broadcasting with high quality of 4 TV programs with one transmitter in Baku city.

Gulustan RTBS (Aghsu region) which has no analogue for power and broadcasting coverage by replacing weak power TV stations with more power TV stations in Republic put into operation.

20 pieces TV transmitters with different power installed for broadcasting of AzTV programs not only in the territory of Azerbaijan but also in populated area living Azerbaijanis in the territory of Georgia and Daghistan.

According to appropriate order of the President of Azerbaijan about creating of Public TV and radio and as result of direct leadership and care of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, provided by Teleradio PU broadcasting by covering 99 % population of Republic and transmitting of Public Radio and TV programs in the period of short time.

The order dated on 11.02.2004 on the “development of Regions” of the President of Republic, No 21 order dated 14.09.2005 on social – economy development of settlements of Baku city, State program Electron Azerbaijan” for 2005 – 2008 over development of the Communication and Information Communication Technologies, on No 1338 order, dated 27.02.2006 social – economy development of settlements of Baku city and other instructions created wide condition for establishing and development according to international standards of Radio-television broadcasting network.

Radio – Television Broadcasting network belonging to Teleradio PU consists of 2 piece 10 kVt, 34 pc 1,5 kVt, 141 pc 0,1-05 kV, 198 pc with 1-50 Vt TV transmitters, 10 pc middle wave and 26 pc FM transmitter with different power, 2 pc Up-Link TV transmitter station, from near Satellite reception station, as well as general length of radio-rele lines more than 1700 km, in early 2006.

Currently, 10 pc TV channels broadcasting on scale of Republic, 12 pc regional private TV channel and 12 pc radio channels broadcasted with different coverage levels.

Teleradio PU is sole state company that engages in radio – television broadcasting activity in Republic.

Union united 3 subject entities in its composition by acting new Radio – Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication Production Union name.

Baku R/TV broadcasting branch, Central R/TV broadcasting branch and Ganja R/TV broadcasting branch.

On February 1, 2009, the channel of  “Idman Azerbaijan” was officially launched.  This channel was opened on the initiative of Ilham Aliyev, the president of the country and attached to CSS of the television and radio broadcasting of Azerbaijan whish has great experience in the field of television.

On June 20, 2009, there was an official opening of “Telequlle” restaurant with the participation of dear I. Aliyev, the president of the republic.

During the first half-year of 2009, 61 units of radio and television broadcasting equipments were mounted and put into exploitation by Teleradio PU.

In addition to the existing technical broadcasting and communication devices, 44 types of equipments intended for different purposes were mounted and put into exploitation by Teleradio PU in 2010.

In addition to the existing technical broadcasting and communication devices, 74 types of equipments intended for different purposes were mounted and put into exploitation by Teleradio PU in 2010.

In order to provide the optimal digital broadcasting, additional DVB-T transmitters were mounted in 2012.

Today there are 48 DVB-T transmitters providing terrestrial digital broadcasting, a HD TV providing digital broadcasting in 48th TVC and digital network consisting of FM transmitter of HD format which provide digital broadcasting in parallel with the analogue one in the territory of the republic.

In addition to the existing technical broadcasting, radio and television communication devices, 40 types of equipments intended for different purposes were mounted and put into exploitation by Teleradio PU in 2012.

During the first quarter of 2013, in addition to the existing technical broadcasting, radio and television communication devices, 13 types of equipments intended for different purposes were mounted and put into exploitation by Teleradio PU.  Four out of them are FM transmitters (2000Wt- 1 unit, 1000Wt-3pcs), three out of them are analogue TV transmitters (5000 Wt- 1 unit,  1000 Wt-2 pcs), and six of them are DVB-T digital transmitters.

Generally, during the first quarter of 2013, a number of repair works have been implemented in the objects, stations and equipments belonging to Teleradio PU, as well as preventive maintenance work were carried out in RRL and other devices.

The application of new technologies, staff training issues are kept always by leadership of Teleradio PU in the center of attention.

MCIT, Union, Technical University provide for education in improvement of professional skill courses for the specialists studied in various educational institutions of the Soviet Union, as well as  employees have need in the majority organized collective of graduates of Azerbaijan Technical University and College of Communication.

Hundreds of students have participated practical lessons in the subject enterprices of Union every year.

At the same time, veteran specialists have great services in organization and development of Radio TV broadcasting network held contant meetings by Union and recommended on activity of Union.

Tradition of veteran radio – television workers on constant developing in radio – television broadcasting network in the period of rapidly changing of new technologies will be continued by Teleradio PU. All necessary actions will be taken independence Azerbaijan’s for reaching to the level of leading countries of the world in this field.