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The activity of Teleradio PU

The broadcasting of television and radio being an integral part of the world community is developing from the technical point of view day by day. This progress also concerns Azerbaijani radio and television. Thus, the first radio equipment is installed in 1924, Baku. In 1926 the first radio station began to operate. The first radio program is broadcasted on 26 November of this year. At that time, the daily broadcasting period of radio programs lasted only for two hours. Then this period prolonged four hours, after that to six hours.

The first television program is broadcasting on February 14, 1956. As the result of the consistent effort of the local experts the application of new technologies was realized from time to time.  Production Union of Radio and television broadcasting and satellite communication broadcasts all these radio and television programs, provides its citizens with continuous air space thanks to the intensive work of its employers. Being subordinate to The Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies this enterprise at first operated in proper area within the “Tele tower”, then began to operate in new building with its old team, but with new ideas, more confidence and positive emotions. The service area of Teleradio Production Union covers whole country. Besides its technical services, there is “Tele tower” complex locating in the highest point of Baku which was founded by the National leader H. Aliyev gives special color to the beauty of our city and its activity is also undeniable. The services, as the satellite communication, fax, phone communication, terrestrial digital TV broadcasting etc. are provided with the help of this grandiose building. As the result of the irreplaceable service of “Tele tower”, our compatriots living abroad are able to be informed about the political, social and other processes happening in the country via satellite.

There is information about Teleradio PU and services rendered by Teleradio PU:


                                                             – Terrestrial ether analog TV broadcasting;

                                                          – Terrestrial ether analog radio broadcasting;

                                                  – Terrestrial ether digital TV broadcasting DVB-T;

                              – Broadcasting of radio and TV programs via satellite DVB-S;

                                 – Analog and digital radio communication (Radio- relay lines);

– The organization of the channels of satellite communication    (voice, data, internet   etc.);

– Design and exploitation of the antenna-fider systems of FM Radio and TV transmitters;

– To render a technical service to the equipments of the private radio and TV companies, companies participating in the oil consortiums and the users of other radio-communication;

Information on the complex of the terrestrial satellite stations of “Teleradio” PU

Service sectors:


Satellite, telephone, fax, internet and data communication;

Broadcasting of the radio and TV with DVB-S standard;



Standard B (9.3 m) -1 unit

Standard F2 (7.2 m) – 2 units

Standard E2 (6.5 m) – 1 unit

Standard F1 (3.8 – 4.9 m) – 4 units


The satellites which are cooperated with:

Sesat 360

Hotbird 130

Galaxy 25;

Turksat 3A 420;

Ekspress 530;

Ekspress 110;

İntelsat 10020 etc.


All equipments working in the analog system is intended to transit into digital broadcasting since 2012 and this project will be realized as the result of the efforts of “Teleradio” PU. As in every project, “Teleradio” PU provides its projects with the newest equipment, as well as it gives more attention to the high quality in its work.

Thanks to the terrestrial broadcasting provided in the complex, citizens are able to watch the most interesting world channels in one package without any additional payment by getting the proper TV supporting DVB-T standard (digital broadcasting) or connect the old TV which does not support the above mentioned standard to the receivers.

“Teleradio” PU is also interested in the cooperation with international companies. That’s why “Teleradio” PU buys new equipments (transmitters, encoders, multiplexers, modulators, “up-down converters” etc.) from foreign companies. For example, as the companies of “Kvant-efir”, “Harmonic”, “Harris”, “Rohde-Schwarz”, “Axcera”, “Tandberg” which have enough reputation in the field of electronics can be shown.

“Teleradio” PU is able to hold a fair competition with other similar communication companies. For this purpose, by strengthening its role in the formation of information society it does its best to be the first in the field of information and communication by the help of the broadcasting of radio and television in the country. The development of ICT is met with great interest even by the president of the country and he specially supports it.

At last we would like to direct your attention to the phrase on ICT of Ilham Aliyev, the president of the Azerbaijan Republic:

“I declare a priority question the application of the information and communication technologies in Azerbaijan.”

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