Today, National Television Day is celebrated in our country

Television broadcasting which has become an integral part of our life in modern period has started in Azerbaijan on February 14, 1956.
Television broadcasting network has been established in Azerbaijan during the past 62 years, and television broadcasting transmitters based on the latest standards have been put into operation.
Baku TV Tower Complex which was completed its construction on the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev and commissioned in 1996 is considered the main broadcasting center of country. This complex with 310-meter-high building and unique design, broadcasts television programs from many local and overseas countries. TV programs of local and many foreign countries were broadcasted through this complex with a height of 310 meters and unique design.
Currently, 99.7 percent of the population living in Azerbaijan is provided with digital TV broadcasting via 153 digital TV transmitters which are operated at 109 radio and television broadcasting stations of Radio and Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Unity operating in the territory of country.