Today, 27 years have passed since the commissioning of Baku TV tower Complex

Equipped with the most modern radio-television equipment, the Complex, which performs an important function in the organization of radio-television broadcasting, space and terrestrial radio communication in our republic, was commissioned on July 6, 1996, with the participation of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev.

At the time of the opening of the TV tower, it was one of the most important steps taken in the direction of the development of radio and television broadcasting in Azerbaijan.

Architectural and technical indicators of the Baku TV Tower Complex:

The area, including the construction area is 6 hectares;

About 15 contractor companies, about 250 employees participated in its construction;

An isotope-operated laser device was used for the vertical construction of the tower, and the verticality of the tower was ensured through it;

The foundation is 30.75 meters;

Its height is 310 m (200 m. reinforced concrete part, 110 m. metal part);

It weighs 40,000 tons;

Its height above sea level is 136 m.;

In order to increase the aesthetic beauty of the tower, the project does not include supporting columns on the north facade of the lower building, and a 6 m suspended concrete part is designed;

Metal part 10 m. located inside the concrete;

There are 5 pitches in the metal part. They move along the axis of the metal part when maintenance and repair work is carried out on the metal part;

A pedestrian tunnel is located at the 23 m level. The diameter of the tunnel section is 6 m, the length is 85.7 m. The tunnel is divided into two parts. The first upper part is designed for pedestrians and the second lower part is designed for communication cables.