The network of radio-relay line

“Teleradio” PU provides the reconstruction and development of a network of radio-relay line in the country. In this direction, the works are done by Teleradio PU for years as follows:


Transition system was created between RRL transmitting international channels in Aztelecom and feeder optic line.


According to the decision of the National Television and Radio Council, RRL Alcoma type installed between Khachmaz-Guba for broadcasting of Region TV in the northern region of the Republic, and “Elektronik” transmitter with 1 Kw put into operation in Quba R/S.


New digital RRL equipment installed to deliver TV signal to TV tower together with Ganja city Telecommunication office to move Yevlakh TV to Ganja RTVS and 5 kw “Electronika” type transmitter in 59th TVK put into operation. Installation works are implemented for creating of RRL line in the direction of TT-Fatmayi by dismantling KURS-8 RRL equipment used in RRS-1 station together with antenna feeder.  Antenna AD-1.5 of RRS-2 station in the direction of  Fatmayı station, ANK-type RRL antenna in the 180m height of “New TV Tower” object, used in the direction of  TQ-RRS-2, which has been replaced with 1,5 m  parabolic antenna. As a result, RRL line created in the direction of TT-Fatmayi.


New booth in Alat RRS for location of new digital RRL equipments was created, technical room where the equipment located in Shirvan RTBS was repaired, a part of digital RRL equipments in TV Tower  RTBS, Alat RTBS and Shirvan RTBS assembled.



New digital RRL equipments with Helios type, 140/34mb capacity were put into operation in the direction of TV Tower-Alat-Shirvan-Bilasuvar-Jalilabad-Lankaran-Lerik. Transmission of programs implemented for DVB-T transmitters over this RRL.



Digial RRL network with 140 Mbit/s capacity was put into operation in the direction of Baku-Lerik. The reconstruction of Shirvan-Sabirabad-Kurdemir-Aghsu analogue magistral RRL line was implemented. Transition to digital RRL with 150 Mbit/s in the direction of  Shirvan-Sabirabad-Kurdemir-Aghsu was completed.


The reconstruction of digital RRL network with 150 Mbit/s capacity in the direction of Bakı-Lerik, Shirvan-Aghsu, Kurdemir-Goychay-Poylu was implemented.