Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, Radio Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication Production Union – TELERADIO PU INVITATES TO THE OPEN TENDER

The tender will be held on 3 (three) LOTs
Lot-1. 1 set of 10 TV channel HD video broadcast encoder (1 + 1 configuration);
Lot-2. 1 set of (DAB+) standard 1 kW radio transmitter, its main station and antenna feeder system;
Lot-3. 25 set of MPEG 2-H 264 Transcoders, 20 set of HD Encoders and 5 set of IRD Satellite Receivers

The equipment and materials for all the lots to be delivered under SIP Baku, Incoterms 2010 terms to the Teleradio PU address within 60 banking days upon the signing of the contract.
Bidders are requested to submit their bids in written form in a sealed, signed double-envelopes.
The bidders must have the necessary financial and technical capacity to fulfil the contract.
Those, who wish to participate in the tender, can get a Set of Main Terms and Conditions in English or in Azerbaijani, at Teleradio PU address: 2 A. Abbaszade str., Baku, Azerbaijan, after paying of participation fee in below amount. Contact person: Zohra Efendiyeva, phone: +994 (12) 498 77 80. (local participants should pay in local currency by the rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the date of payment)

Participation fee
Lot-1.: $100 (hundred US Dollars)
Lot-2.: $100 (hundred US Dollars)
Lot-3.: $150 (hundred fifty US Dollars)

Beneficiary Tax ID: 9900037841
Beneficiary IBAN: AZ88IBAZ40150019781510154201
Beneficiary Bank: The International Bank of Azerbaijan Republic, ABSHERON Branch
Bank Address: 1033 Izmir ave, Hyatt Tower II, Baku, Azerbaijan
Intermediary Bank: 4 Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main
SWIFT: COBADEFF 400886603001

Participation fee is not refundable in all cases.

Bidders must submit the following documents to participate at the tender:
1. Written application for attending to the tender
2. Document, confirming the payment of participation fee;
3. Bid proposal (must be valid at least 30 banking days from the date of opening of the envelope);
4. Bank guarantee, in amount of 1% of the bid price (to be valid for 30 (thirty) banking days, following to the validity period of the tender proposal).
5. Certificate from the relevant tax authority on the absence of past due commitments on taxes and other compulsory payments in the Azerbaijan Republic (Not applicable for the foreign
bidders, which not has any affiliate or permanent office in the in the Republic of Azerbaijan);
6. The financial statement, approved by the tax authorities on the bidder’s activity for the last one year;
7. Banking inquiry about the bidder’s financial situation in the past year (the foreign bidders may submit published finance statement, or the balance sheet for the items 6 and 7);
8. Full name of the Bidder, legal status, country of incorporation and bank details;
9. Certificates of origin and compliance certificates for the proposed equipment;
10. Other documents: according to the Set of Main Terms and Conditions:

Documents must be submitted up in Azerbaijani, or English, in 2 copies (original and copy)
The tender procedure will be held in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Bidders must deliver the above-mentioned documents (except tender proposal and bank guarantee) until 17:00, 17.04.2019, tender proposal and bank guarantee in sealed double envelope until 11.00, 29.04.2019, to the Main reception of Teleradio at the address: 2 A. Abbaszade str., Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan. The envelopes, submitted later than the indicated date, will be returned without opening.
Bidders’ proposals will be opened on 30.04.2019 at 11:00 at the meeting hall of Teleradio PU (Address: 2, A. Abbaszade str., Baku, Republik of Azerbaijan)
Authorized representatives of the bidders may attend.