Analog and digital radio broadcasting

On November 6, 1926, radio station No 1 was established and put into operation in Baku (in the area called Ganjlik). As a result, for the first time, a radio program with a frequency of 891 kHz was broadcasted via a 1.2 kW (wired) transmitter in the Republic. At that time, this event was a great innovation in the political and cultural life of Azerbaijan people.

Then, in 1936, “Respublika” radio program was transmitted on a 35-kW radio transmitter, and in 1970, on a 20-kW radio transmitter, “Araz” radio program began broadcasting on the medium wave. Since 1969, these radio programs have been transmitted in stereo. During the USSR, foreign broadcasting was carried out on the territory of the radio station by means of powerful radio transmitters operating in different types of medium and short wave bands. Since independence, “Respublika” and “Ictimai” radio programs have been transmitted on SRV-30 on frequency 891 kHz, SRV-20 on frequency 702 kHz, and SRV-7 on frequency 1530 kHz.
The first 180 m TV tower assembled from steel blocks was built in Baku in 1956, and on 14/02/1956, the first time AzTV1 program was broadcasted in black and white on a 5 kW (UHF band) TV transmitter.
On June 28, 1957, the first live streaming was broadcasted on television at the Republic Stadium.
In 1967, it was switched from black-white television to color (SECAM) TV.
With the commissioning of the 310-meter Baku TV Tower Complex in 1996, the AzTV1 program began broadcasting in the VHF band via a 5 kW TV transmitter, and in 2001 in the UHF band via a 5 kW TV transmitter.
For the first time since 1997, “I Respublika” and “Araz” radio programs were broadcasted on the FM band from the Baku TV Tower Complex.
At present, the following radio programs are transmitting in the FM frequency band in the territory of the Republic.
State radio program: “Azerbaycan radio”
Public radio: “Ictimai radio”.
Private radio programs: “Araz FM”, “Space FM”, “Lider (Jazz) FM”, “Ferqli Radio”, “Antenna FM”, “106 FM”, “Azad Azerbaycan” FM, “Xezer FM”, “Media FM”, “Auto radio ”FM, “Asan FM”.
Nationwide FM radio programs are being transmitted in most parts of the country and the coverage of radio programs is being expanded to meet demand.
At present, “Azerbaycan Radio” covers 99.0% of the country’s territory, “Ictimai Radio” 93%, Araz FM 88%, “Anten FM” 80%, “Asan FM” 78%, “Media FM” 76%, “Ferqli” radio 75%, “Azad Azerbaijan” FM 70%, “Xezer FM” 65%, “Space FM” 45%, “Auto radio” FM 40 %, “106 FM” 35%, “Lider (Jazz) FM” 30%.
In accordance with the implementation of the Actions Plan for 2019 by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT) and on the basis of the permission letter of the National Television and Radio Council (NTRC) dated 08.05.2019, No. 145 / G”, DAB + standard digital (stereo) broadcasting of 12 radio programs in the package has been launched by Radio Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication Production Union (Teleradio PU) in the territory of Baku and Absheron peninsula on the frequency 218.6 MHz (11B) (frequency range: 174 ÷ 230 MHz) from 26.08.2019.
In order to apply digital radio, the main station equipment manufactured by Italian companies (ITEL company), 1 kW digital radio transmitter and 1 × 6 configuration antenna system (SYES company) between 264 ÷ 280 m level has installed and put into operation in Baku TV Tower Complex.
Digital radio broadcasting allows more efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum, more reliable reception of radio signals, and the ability to transmit information in a single frequency band in the form of video, graphics and text. It also has the advantage of broadcasting in single frequency network (SFN) mode.
Based on the request of Teleradio PU, the database of the WorldDAB Forum operating in the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva and the official Internet information resource contain information on the launch of DAB + standard digital radio broadcasting in Azerbaijan. Thus, Azerbaijan is also included in the list of leading European countries, which includes 26 countries.