Lotfi Zadeh turns 95

Today Lotfi Zadeh, world-famous Azerbaijani scientist, who is an example for each young scientist, known in the world and loved in Azerbaijan, turns 95.

Lotfi Zadeh’s scientific discoveries and scientific ideas serve the development of mankind, the people’s convenience. A great attention is paid to Lotfi Zadeh and he is appreciated all over the world, especially in his homeland – Azerbaijan.

In February of 2011, by decree of President Ilham Aliyev,   world-renowned scientist was awarded a medal “Friendship” for his contribution to the development of technologies in promoting intercultural dialogue.

Thanks to the work done for the world science, his name is also mentioned in a row with Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Blaise Pascal and others. Lotfi Zadeh is the second scientist after German scientist Max Planck who has a scientific center bearing both his name and theory in the world.

He is the author and creator of 6 key theories which have made incredible contributions to the world science. It is gratifying that his theory of fuzzy logic is appreciated by the scientific community and won higher awards.

He was awarded several awards and honorary titles by great states and companies that have earned billions thanks to his theories. Among these names he owns one name – Azerbaijani, which fills hearts of all our compatriots with a sense of pride.