Implementation of comprehensive preventive measures in airspace is a technical requirement

Radio-TV Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Association of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies carries out comprehensive preventive measures in airspace according to a schedule previously agreed with companies that produce radio and television programs several times a year.

The preventive maintenance, which is a technical requirement, aims to carry out related testing, inspection, adjustment, repair and other preventive measures on all broadcasting equipment and their antenna feeder systems.

During the comprehensive preventive measures, the broadcasting of all radio and television programs is stopped both in studios (by software manufacturers) and at radio and television broadcasting stations (by broadcaster Teleradio Production Association at 126 other stations throughout the country, including the Baku TV Tower Complex).

It should be noted that the Alternative Radio and Television Broadcasting Station has been established in the Baku TV Tower Complex as an alternative station in case of force majeure. At the same time, broadcasting of the package of digital social TV is also possible from the Alternative Radio and Television Broadcasting Station. However, to this end, software developers must provide broadcast pieces during comprehensive preventive measures.