Digital radio broadcasting (DAB+)

By the order of the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies 023, dated February 18, 2019, according to the execution of the  Plan of Action for 2019 by Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies ,the main station equipment of Italian ITEL and digital radio transmitter of 1 kw and antenna system with 1×6 configuration which was manufactured by Italy’s SYES have been installed at Baku Tele tower Complex by Radio Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication Unity.  As a result of it, digital test broadcasting of 12 radio programs at a frequency of 218.6 MHs in one package with the standart of European “DAB+” (Digital Audio Broadcasting)  have been launched in  Baku and Absheron peninsula since the date of 26.08.2019.

Advantages of digital radio (DAB +):

– More efficient use of the radio spectrum;

– More reliable reception of radio signals;

– Ability to transmit information such as video, graphics and text in one bandwidth;

– Regardless of the speed of the moving object (car, train, etc.) where the receiver is located (no doppler effect), reliable reception (no interference situations) at any point in the radio signal area.