Azerbaijani TV channels to start broadcasting in HD format

Azerbaijani television channels broadcasting via Azerspace-1 satellite will be broadcast in HD (High Definition) format from January 28. This is being done under a joint agreement between Azercosmos OJSC, National Television and Radio Council, Radio &TV Broadcasting and Satellite Communications Production Association and State Administration of Radio Frequencies in order to bring the image quality of local TV channels to a higher level.

In connection with the transition to the new format, local TV channels will have to bring their infrastructure and broadcast frequencies to a level that enables them to broadcast in HD quality until January 28. Broadcasting technology will be transferred from MPEG-2 compression method to MPEG-4 compression method.

It should be noted that the number of pixels (the element that forms the image) in HD format is several times more than in SD format, depending on the content. This ensures the highest possible image quality, resulting in a more accurate and clear image.

Local TV channels will be broadcast in HD format via Azerspace-1 satellite at 11175 / H / 30000.

It is recommended to use the instructions for converting channels to HD format.