A memorandum of understanding was signed between “Teleradio” PU and Khazar University

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the “Radio-Television Broadcasting and Satellite Communication” Production Union (“Teleradio” PU) and Khazar University for the purpose of forming an environment of mutual cooperation in a new sphere and more widely.
In the memorandum, it is envisaged to create conditions for the students of the Physics and Electronics Department of the university to undergo industrial training and internship at the base of “Teleradio” PU, as well as to improve technological processes related to production in the fields of radio engineering and electronics, and to provide joint activities in the direction of conducting scientific research works. The document also covers issues of cooperation in other directions, development of programs based on joint innovative innovations to encourage students to acquire technical qualifications.
In order to implement the processes mentioned in the memorandum as soon as possible, the importance of continuous meetings between the relevant structural units of both sides, as well as with the students, was emphasized, and the confidence was expressed that the cooperation would be useful.