A group of employees of Teleradio PA awarded

A technical  base  meeting  the latest standards is being created today  in Azerbaijan  with the view of improving the quality of  television and radio broadcasting in the country  thanks to the  care and attention of the  head of state.

As a result,  currently  about  30 public, private and regional TV and radio programs are broadcast with high quality  in the territory of the country. Coverage area of state TV  and radio programs in the country is 100 percent, public, private TV and radio coverage area  is  about 75-80 percent.

In parallel with analogue broadcasting,  some  99 percent of the country’s population are covered  with  DVB-T standard digital TV broadcasting.

The Ministry of Communications and High Technologies has awarded a group of employees of Teleradio  Production Association (PA) in connection with the anniversary of the establishment of television in Azerbaijan . The awarded  are those  persons who  have been distiguished with fruitful activities in the field of broadcasting for  many years.

Moreover, Azermarka LLC  of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies  has issued  new postage stamps on the occasion of  the 90th anniversary of  radio broadcasting and 60th anniversary of  television broadcasting in the country.

Note that  radio broadcsting in our country was launched in 1926,  and television broadcasting was launched in 1956. Television was first broadcast two times a  week, then three times with a 2-hour program. This period was increased gradually  and from January 2005  our state television commenced broadcasting  24 hours a day without intermission.