64 years have passed since the creation of television in Azerbaijan

Today is the day when television was created in Azerbaijan. Thus, the first television in the east was launched on February 14, 1956 in our country.

On June 28, 1957, for the first time a live broadcast was broadcasted on the Republic Stadium by mobile television. Since 1967, the transition from black-and-white television to color-coded (SECAM) TV.

Over the past 64 years, radio and television broadcasting stations have been established in all regions of the country through the establishment of both technical and human resources. At present, there are 126 stations, each of which is equipped with the most modern logistics facilities.

A specialized production laboratory has been established inside Teleradio PU so as not to send broadcast equipment that needs repair. As a result, any broadcast media operated by Teleradio PU can be repaired in the internal laboratory. It is also possible to repair many radio and television equipment of television companies on request.

In 2016, a complete transition to digital television broadcasting has been made available through the suspension of analog broadcasts across the country. At present, 99.75% of the country’s populated areas are provided with digital television through the 106 digital television transmitters operated on radio and television stations.

A total of 1,748.7 km of radio-relay lines has been set up across the country to deliver state, public, private and regional radio-TV programs to regional stations, of which 969.7 km have been reconstructed digital. In the next five years, it is planned to reconstruct more 779 km of analog radio-relay line to digital.

Baku TV Tower complex was commissioned in 1996, the country’s main broadcasting center. This complex has a unique design with a height of 310 meters and with the help of hundreds of local and foreign television programs are broadcast in different standard formats. The complex has a number of historically significant technical successes. So, just a few months after the international digital MPEG-2 standard was adopted for satellite television broadcasting, the Turksat satellite ground station was put into operation in the Baku TV Tower Complex, thus, the first digital satellite television broadcast in Azerbaijan was launched in Azerbaijan. Multipoint, the UK-based company that installs an overhead station, after publishing a press release about it in London, many foreign companies, including the BBC’s largest radio and Television Corporation in connection with the incident, which has been widely circulated in the world media and particularly in Europe were interested in this experience, and they did not hide their wonder why this new technology was first introduced in Azerbaijan. It was only in the late 1990s that digital broadcasting was widely used around the world.

In addition, in 2004, the terrestrial digital television broadcast in Trans-Caucasus was also carried out through the Baku TV Tower Complex.

In the previous years, the establishment of a television broadcast network across the country was the main goal, and now the network has already been backed up and has already installed 34 spare digital TV transmitters. In the near future a full backup network will be completed.

The establishment of a single-frequency network has already begun. Thus, in 2018, a “single-frequency” digital television broadcasting network was established in Baku for easier reception of television signals and saving of frequency resources. As a result, it was possible to receive the same frequency signal in different areas.

Currently, Teleradio PU implements DVB-S / S2 digital satellite broadcasting, operation of radio relay equipment, DVB-T / T2 terrestrial digital television broadcasting, IPTV service and HD television broadcasting.